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Dongfeng’s First Autonomous Engineering Vehicle Run a Real-World Test

On May 17, Dongfeng’s First autonomous driving engineering vehicle went on trial operation at the mining area of Laohekou Cement Company, Gezhouba, Hubei. Judging from its appearance, the highly intelligent vehicle is not unlike a normal engineering vehicle. The only eye-catching feature is that it has antennas, cameras and radars on its roof.

During the trial operation, Dongfeng autonomous driving engineering vehicle, loaded with 25 tons of ores, drove 1.5 km on a bumpy road. With upward & downward slopes and a bend on the road, the vehicle drove automatically by 10 km/h without any assistance from a safety engineer inside the driver’s cockpit. Finally, it successfully performed such complicated tasks as making a U turn and avoiding barriers.

According to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., the new engineering vehicle meets L3-level autonomous driving standards and can be chiefly used at some enclosed mining areas. Before the trial operation, the vehicle has already successfully passed a 500-hour test at an enclosed driving area in Xiangyang, Hubei province.


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