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3 Dongfeng KL Hybrid-Electric Trucks Delivered to Shanxi for Operation

It has been reported a grand ceremony was held to mark the official delivery of the first batch of three Dongfeng  KL hybrid electric trucks to their customer, Shanxi Novoland Group Yuncheng Ruijin Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

As the first batch of hybrid trucks ever delivered to customers in the truck industry, Dongfeng KL hybrid electric trucks excel in the following four areas:

1) Advanced hybrid technologies: Dongfeng Tianlong has introduced the most well-developed hybrid technologies. Trial operation shows that the new vehicle is able to cut fuel consumption by 8%-10% in mountainous ares.

2) Higher reliability: thanks to the introduction of an electric motor, the vehicle is able to ensure both its engine and its motor are working under its optimal conditions and thus further improve its reliability.

3) Higher safety standards: by greatly boosting its braking power, Tianlong KL hybrid truck is able to recycle energy on the long and sustained slopes. Its electric motor thus acts like a hydraulic retarder, effectively reducing the frictions on its braking system and at the same time getting recharged.

4) Higher intelligence level: to better manage the vehicle and truck drivers, Dongfeng has developed a truck management system, which is able to perform a number of sophisticated tasks, such as automatic trouble-shooting, long-distance management and fuel consumption monitoring. With the highly intelligent system, truck operators can better manage their vehicles and further cut their operation costs.

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