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Jiefang New Gen J7+ Intelligent Heavy-duty Truck Makes its Debut in Suzhou

Recently, Jiefang new generation J7+ intelligent heavy-duty truck officially made its debut in Suzhou. With a capacity of driving autonomously, the truck achieves higher safety standards and higher fuel economy.

Equipped with Plus.AI autonomous driving system, seven cameras and five millimeter-wave radars, laser radars and a driving-monitoring system, the new generation Jiefang J7+ intelligent heavy-duty truck boasts an unparalleled capacity of sensing its surrounding environment and detecting other vehicles and barriers, etc. In addition, it is able to perform a number of sophisticated tasks, such as changing lanes, self-adjusting cruising control and avoiding barriers.

In August, 2019, FAW Jiefang and Plus.AI jointly established a joint venture called Zhitu Tech in Suzhou. Soon, the world’s first autonomous driving heavy-duty truck for mass production was revealed to the public.

From January to April, FAW Jiefang sold 176,000 units vehicles. In the same period, its sales volume of tractor trailers reached 97,000 units and its market share stood at 38%.


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