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FAST Transmission Helps Support Overseas Economic Recovery


To date, FAST has already successfully launched its 16JSD240TA transmission for civial heavy-duty tractors. It is now available for sale in those regions including East Europe, Africa and other parts to support local economy recovery.
FAST Transmission Helps Support Overseas Economic Recovery

MZKE-750440, developed by Belarus MZKT, is a brand new Volat heavy-duty tractor equipped with FAST 16JSD240TA transmission. It is powered by DAF engine in a 8X8 configuration. The tractor is safe, economical and easy to operate with FAST transmission. Beyond that, the powerful performance it delivers would allow the vehicle to travel in various complex and rough conditions.

The China-proposed Belt And Road Initiative is a huge project that is giving opportunities to many companies. Since the implementation of Belt And Road, Fast products have been exported to all over the world. All this suggests that a new pattern for internationalization, diversification and high-end development will be formed to provide users with world-class products, services and optimal solutions.


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