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SAIC Hongyan Establishes Strategic Cooperation with ZF

On June 22, SAIC Hongyan held a video conference with ZF, signing an agreement for strategic cooperation between the two parties, ushering in a brand new era for their cooperation. According to the agreement, SAIC Hongyan and ZF will jointly develop commercial vehicles with electric power drivelines, higher intelligence, internet-connectedness and more readiness for sharing.

In fact, SAIC Hongyan started working with ZF in earlier 1980s. At 2018 Beijing International Auto Show, SAIC Hongyan revealed a truck equipped with ZF transmission gearbox. This year, Hongyan Jieshi 2020 with ZF transmission gearbox officially hit the market, receiving wide acclaims from customers.

As one of the leading players in the world’s auto spare parts market, ZF will continue to work closely with SAIC Hongyan and provide its partner with technologically advanced solutions.


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