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Dongfeng Hands Over Its First Batch of 3 Autonomous Container Trucks

Dongfeng has recently delivered the first batch of 3 units autonomous container trucks to its customer in Xiamen. These trucks are jointly developed by Dongfeng, COSCO SHIPPING Ports and China Mobile. they will begin operation in port for the development of 5G smart port after necessary adjustments were completed.

With lots of advanced technologies and dual power designs, the vehicles’ reliability have been further increased by ensuring reliable power distribution. An double steering system can provide a good performance even in complex driving conditions. Running on electricity, they emit no tailpipe (also known as direct) emissions.

According to the port, an connection between TOS and vehicle management platform has been established in order to help monitor and manage the vehicle operation remotely. By doing so, the cost of operation has been reduced and efficiency is greatly improved.


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