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Hongyan Breaks Ground on a New Plant with an Investment of 1.1 Billion


On 14 October, Hongyan broke ground on a new intelligent factory with an investment of 1.1 billion yuan in Chongqing, where the company is headquartered. It is projected that the plant will generate 20 billion yuan in revenue with 150 thousand vehicles produced per year once it is built. Its limited production capacity can also be expanded with the completition of the new plant.

For the first three quarters, Hongyan recorded an increase of 35.87 percent compared to 2019 to 58,637 units in heavy-duty truck segment. By the end of this year, it aims to reach an  increased annual target of 80 thousand units and generate a revenue of 21 billiion yuan.

In the field of intelligent connected vehicles, SAIC Hongyan has put its 5G Intelligent Heavy Trucks in to mass commercialization in Shanghai's Yangshan Deep-Water Port this year. The fisrt batch of 5G trucks are expected to finish carrying 20,000 containers this year at Yangshan Deep-Water Port, making it the largest automated terminal in the world. Besides, these trucks also received an award during the CIIF China International Industry Fair and were highly recognized by the industry. 

The new plant not only contributes to achieve Hongyan's goal to accelerate the transmission from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, but also serves to its step to move forward towards connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles.

The present production line will be upgraded by reconstructing the information system. The new plant is likely to be selected as the next “lighthouse factory” after application of digital processing, process simulation software, manufacturing operation management system (MOM) and on-site automation system integration. 


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