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64 Units Hongyan Heavy-duty Trucks to Arrive in Turkmenistan for Operation

On October 27, 64 units Hongyan heavy-duty trucks officially embarked on their journey from Chongqing to Turkmenistan. According to SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Hongyan), it is the first time for the company to export trucks to the country in Central Asia. In addition, all trucks have already been remodeld to become mixers, gas-refilling vehicles and vehicles for other special purposes.

“We have been strengthening our marketing efforts in Central Asia, aiming to further solidify our position and expand our influence in the region”, said Lou Jianping, General Manager of Hongyan.

In China’s engineering vehicle market, Hongyan has been ranking the first place for three consecutive years. It has also made a visible presence in Africa and Southeast Asia, etc. In the first three quarters this year, Hongyan delivered nearly 1,000 units heavy-duty trucks to Belt & Road countries. “We aim to increase our export volume by over 50% this year”, added Lou Jianping.


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