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Hyundai Reveals World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heavy-duty Truck at CIIE

On November 5, the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) officially kicked off in Shanghai. XCIMENTFuelCell, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck developed by Hyundai, were officially revealed to global customers. With an impressive loading capacity of 36 tons, the truck is fully powered by hydrogen.

Equipped with two hydrogen fuel cell units (190 kW) and a driving motor with a maximum output power of 350 kW (476ps/228kgf.m), the truck is mounted with seven hydrogen tanks with a combined storage of 32kg hydrogen. After a refilling in just 8-20 minutes, the truck is able to drive 400 km.

According to Hyundai, it will make a total investment of about 43 billion RMB by 2025. In addition, it will increase its production volume of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to 2,000 units to meet the growing demands in Europe and China in 2021.

In response to China’s ambitious goal to put one million units hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on its road, Hyundai is working closely with Chinese government and some leading players in the industry. In addition, it is actively involved in the infrastructure construction related to the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. It aims to increase its export volume of fuel cell vehicles to over 27,000 units by 2030.


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