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Dongfeng 16L Longqing DDi13 Engine Makes its Debut

On November 11, the 19th China International Internal Combustion Engine & Spare Parts Exhibition officially kicked off in Beijing. Dongfeng Longqing 16L DDi13 engine, which is targeted at the high-end market, was revealed to the public for the first time.

According to Dongfeng, Longqing DDi13 engine is wholly developed to meet the customers’ growing demand for more reliable, more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly engines. With lighter weight, higher safety standards and more powerful performances, the engine is designed particularly for trucks used for logistic services, transportation of dangerous chemicals and engineering construction.

In 2020, Longqing series engines have successfully made their presence across China. With an annual growth rate of 30%, Longqing has already become one of the leading engine brands in China.

At a press conference held by Dongfeng during the exhibition, reporters from over 10 media outlets had the precious opportunity to take a closer look at Tianlong KX truck equipped with Longqing DDi13 engine, Tianlong VL truck equipped with DDi75 engine, Tianjin KR truck equipped with DDi50, and Tianlong KL truck equipped with DDi11 engine.

Apart from 16L DDi13 engine, Dongfeng brought Longqing DDi13, Ddi75, DDi50 engines as well as DT14 transmission gearbox, DDi11+DA14 on display.

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