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JAC Continues to Be the Leading Truck Brand in Peru for 11 Years in a Row

At the end of 2020, JAC successfully delivered 40 units light trucks to its customer Jimenez Group in Peru, making the largest ever delivery in Peru in the past decade from JAC.

In the face of a host of challenges due to COVID-19, JAC managed to record a sales volume of 754 units light trucks, up by 4.5% year on year. It succeeded in retaining the leading light truck brand title for the eleventh consecutive year.

Considering its road and weather conditions, JAC recommended its N95 and N55 light trucks to its sales agents in Peru. With impressively powerful performances, the two light trucks boast stable and consistently powerful performances even working at an altitude 3,000 meters above the sea level.

After the delivery of the trucks, JAC will hold some training sessions for truck drivers and maintenance workers in Peru, ensuring the smooth operation of all its vehicles.


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