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JAC Ranks First Place in Uruguay for the Eighth Consecutive Year

According to the latest statistics released by ACAU, JAC ranked the first place in Uruguay for the eighth consecutive year in 2020 in light truck sales.

Officially entering Uruguay twelve years ago, JAC has already established a solid presence in the country with a wide range of vehicle products, including cargo trucks, self-dumping trucks, and container trucks. So far, over 5,000 units JAC vehicles have been working smoothly, playing a key role in the country’s transportation sector.

In response to the local customer’s increasingly stringent requirements for carbon emissions, JAC has rolled out customized electric light trucks for Uruguay, which are scheduled to arrive in the country in mid February and set to ushering in a brand new era of greener transportation.

Currently, JAC boasts well-connected sales networks and after-sales service networks in Uruguay. It has been gaining a fast growing popularity in the country and other overseas markets.


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