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100 Units SAIC Hongyan Trucks Handed Over to Congo Mining Corporation


On January 26, a grand ceremony was held in Chongqing to mark the handover of 100 units SAIC Hongyan trucks to their customer Congo Mining Corporation. On the same day, the customer from Africa placed an additional order of 200 units trucks on SAIC Hongyan.

Thanks to the consistently impressive performances of nearly 100 units SAIC Hongyan trucks, Congo Mining Corporation has been strengthening its cooperation with SAIC Hongyan in recent years. In 2020 alone, it purchased three batches of trucks from SAIC Hongyan.

Taking full account of the working conditions in the mining areas, SAIC Hongyan has rolled out heavy-duty trucks with more customized features for its customer.

In 2020, SAIC Hongyan made several breakthroughs. Its annual sales volume of heavy-duty trucks exceeded 80,000 units for the very first time, up by 38% year on year. Its business revenue broke 20 billion RMB threshold, up by 41% year on year. Its annual export volume jumped by 51% year on year.

So far this year, SAIC Hongyan has already received orders of over 500 units trucks. According to the company, it aims to double its export volume and increase its revenue in exports to over one billion RMB.

With a fast growing popularity in the overseas market, SAIC Hongyan has already established a solid presence in over 40 countries and regions across the globe.


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