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JAC N55 Won 2021 Star Light Truck Award in Brazil


Recently, a batch of JAC N55 electric light trucks were delivered to its customers in Brazil, including Pepsi, Carrefour and DHL. Gaining a fast rising popularity in the country, JAC N55 was awarded 2021 Star Light Truck by Estadão, a well renowned auto magazine in Brazil.

After several rounds of voting, JAC N55 EV beat Accelo815 made by Benz and Delivery9.170 made by Volkswagon.

As the first electric light truck in Brazil, JAC N55EV entered the country in 2020 and ushered a brand new era for the local logistic market. Its operation in Brazil has been widely reported by the major media outlets in the country.

Apart from Latin America, JAC has made breakthroughs in a number of other markets, including Nepal, Jordan, Armenia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, providing its global customers with greener transportation solutions.


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