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Dongfeng Cummins Further Improves Engines’ Thermal Efficiency to 48%


According to China’s Ministry of Information Technology and Industry (MITT), Dongfeng Cummins has already successfully developed a new engine model with a thermal efficiency of 48% after five years research. The new engine with China’s National VI B Emission Standards is expected to hit the market in July this year, ushering a brand new era for Dongfeng Cummins in the high-powered engine market.

Built on Dongfeng Cummins’ star engine model Z14, the new engine has further optimized the design of its pistons and increased its cylinder firing pressure, thus helping achieve more exhaustive combustion. By introducing more efficient turbocharger and optimizing its overhead camshaft (OHC), the engine has greatly improved its air intake efficiency. With more calibrated control over its combustion, the engine has further improved its fuel efficiency and cut its noise level.

According to Dongfeng Cummins, the new engine has 520 horsepower or 480 horsepower respectively. As one of the company’s latest technological breakthroughs, it is to become a trend-setter in the engine market and make tremendous impact on the global drive to cut carbon emissions.


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