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Nanjing IVECO Delivered First Batch Vehicles to Tianjin Guanfang Group


June 19, 2021, Tianjin, China, A ceremony of strategic cooperation between Tianjin Guanfang Group and Nanjing IVECO and new product launch event was held in Tianjin, and the first batch of vehicles were delivered successfully. Senior leaders from both sides and media representatives attended the ceremony and witnessed the two companies enter a new stage of close cooperation and common development.

After detailed comparison, Guanfang Group chose Nanjing IVECO due to its high bearing capacity, large space and convenient load and upload and other advantages.

This delivered IVECO New Deyi series has strong power and good fuel economy thanks to newly upgraded European SOFIM engine with 129 horsepower output power, 300N•m torque, and the minimum fuel consumption of 8L/100km. New Deyi series owns high strength girder chassis structure design, which can easily load 3t goods and ensure faster and stabler logistics transportation.

As the leading enterprise in China’s light commercial vehicles, Nanjing IVECO has always accumulated experience, made technological innovation, enriched product and expanded market during 30 years’ development, met customers’ professional demands through building diversified products, provided whole life cycle solutions and helped customers gain profits.


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