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Dongfeng Delivered Ward-type Ambulances to Fang County Red Cross

Date:2021-07-13 Author:Rosy

July 10, 2021, Hubei, China, 5 units Dongfeng Yufeng ward-type ambulances donated by Tencent Foundation were delivered to Fang County Red Cross in Shiyan, Hubei. The delivered ambulances will be used to daily rescue work in township hospitals under Fang County, which can significantly improve township emergency medical aid conditions and rescue abilities.

Dongfeng Yufeng ward-type ambulance is equipped with Japan-made M9T engine with national VI emission standards and the maximum speed can reach 140km/h. The front-engine and front-wheel-drive layout ensures stable driving, little jolt and high maneuverability, which is specially designed for mountain roads in Fang County and can send patients to hospitals at the fastest speed.

Dongfeng Yufeng ward-type ambulance includes warning system, medical shelter system, power supply system and other facilities. Medical locker, oxygen inhalator, transfusion hook and other medical equipment can be seen inside the ambulance with a scientific layout. Professional equipment like ECG monitor, portable cardiaopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator etc. can be added to form a “small mobile hospital” at any time.

Dongfeng Yufeng ward-type ambulance is glad to represent Tencent Foundation to play an important role in pre-hospital care and emergency transfer, contributes to village primary medical care and builds life channels for patients.


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