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29 Units IVECO Engineering Vehicles were Delivered to State Grid Nanjing Power S

Date:2021-07-16 Author:Grace

July 16, 2021, Nanjing, China, Nanjing IVECO delivered the first batch of 29 units IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicles to State Gride Nanjing Power Company in Jiangsu.

The delivered engineering vehicles will be used as electric vehicles, which can meet demands for test, trouble removal, urgent maintenance, power generation and other emergency situations.

IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicles adopt transverse spring front axle and integral rear axle in suspension system, which can ensure the chassis stability in high speed and guarantee worker’ safety in emergency work.

At the same time, IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicles integrate multiple security configurations, for example, the latest ABS+EBD four-wheel disc brake has a shorter braking length and higher braking efficiency of 27%, which can effectively avoid losing control of the vehicle under emergency brake and guarantee safe drivin.

The vehicles are also upgraded in interior decoration. The brand-new self-luminous instrument panel and 3.5-cun screen with 8 reminder features can decrease workers’ driving fatigue and optimize driving experience.

More importantly, Nanjing IVECO focuses on building warm after-sales service, which covers 31 provinces and autonomous regions, 264 prefecture-level cities and 1,543 counties. Customers can enjoy convenient and satisfactory services and better driving experience.

In the future, Nanjing IVECO will continue to focus on R&D and improve segment market products, provide more diverse products and higher-quality services for customers and lead the development of the industry.


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