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Special Carrier Vehicle for Heavy Equipment: Changlong Low Plate Semi-trailer

Date:2021-08-05 Author:Grace

August 5, 2021, Shandong, China, Changlong 13.75m low plate semi-trailer has a self-weight of 5.8t, lighter than its competitors due to aluminum alloy accessories. The 13.75m length and 40t rated loading capacity can meet customers’ demands in most application scenarios. The bearing surface’s height is 105cm, which increases vehicle’s safety tractor.

Changlong whole series products adopt high strength steel produced by Baowu Steel, Ansteel and Taiyuan Iron & Steel, Guangdong Fuwa axle and Double Coin tire, which guarantee high security.

Changlong semi-trailer double parabola design, joggle beam and crescent gusset plate ensure better bearing capacity and more effective stress relief. Such design can decrease the risk of beam break.

It is worth mentioning that the semi-trailer equalizing beam adopts maintenance-free design and saves costs for customers. The large paulin box under the vehicle expands drivers’ space. And the dense tooth structure of euphroe ensures tight bind of goods.


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