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20 Units Sinotruk T7 Tractors Were Delivered to Shanghai

Date:2021-08-10 Author:Rosy

August 10, 2021, Shanghai, China, On August 6, Sinotruk Shanghai Sub-company and Shanghai Shutu Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. delivered 20 units HOWO T7 tractors to a customer in Shanghai, the first batch of 200 units order.

The delivered HOWO T7 tractors, equipped with 440hp engine, HW series transmission and air suspension, have stronger power and higher stability. The ultra-wide low fuel consumption and large torque range ensures high transmission efficiency and smooth gear shift. The golden power chain contributes to efficient power transmission system and the fuel consumption is 2-3L/100km lower than competitors.

The tractor adopts new material, new structure and new technique, and achieves lower self-weight, stronger bearing capacity and higher reliability. Besides, the four-point suspension cab, airbag seat, multifunctional steer, wide sleeping berth and other humanized configurations guarantee high comfortability for drivers.

Sinotruk has always focused on customers and continued to innovate service modes to improve customers’ experience. Sinotruk offers 48 months guarantee period for its vehicles and free replacement for engine, transmission and rear axles. Sinotruk is confident to provide customers with high-quality services and help customers to create more value.


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