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CIMC Linyu Delivered Customized Products to Southeast Asia

Date:2021-08-24 Author:Alice

August 24, 2021, Luoyang, China, On the afternoon of August 20, over 10 units CIMC Linyu carbon steel tank trucks were ready to be delivered to Southeast Asia.

At the cross of Asia and Oceania, Pacific and Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia has abundant resources and broad trade prospect. Especially in recent years, local demands for engineering vehicles have increased rapidly due to larger investment in infrastructure construction and the Silk and Road Initiative.

CIMC Linyu seized the opportunity and received large orders due to differentiated solutions, high-quality products and humanized design.

The delivered tank truck were customized for customers and have larger volume and higher transportation efficiency with high-quality steel plate and unique light-weight design.

The trucks have reasonable configuration, higher reliability and better performance thanks to carbon steel in pipeline and loading and unloading devices, oil vapour recovery, protection against overflowing and other loading systems.

It is believed that the delivery and operation of tank trucks in Southeast Asia will bring excellent brand effect, which also marks CIMC Linyu fruitful achievements in international strategy and Silk and Road Initiative.


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