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Weinan Skywell First Electric Dump Truck Went Offline

Date:2021-09-09 Author:Grace

September 9, 2021, Shaanxi, China, On September 6, Weinan Skywell operation and offline ceremony was held in Skywell Weinan base.

As the first offline electric dump truck in Weinan Skywell, it marked the phased objectives of the project, which will strongly support local new energy industry development and expand new energy automobile market.

In recent years, Skywell Group has developed rapidly in new energy field and made layout in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xuzhou, Hohhot, Xi’an and other production bases.

From January to July 2021, Skywell delivered 201 units hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks totally, accounting for 57% of market shares and ranking first in market. Meanwhile, Skywell electric mining trucks, tractors and dump trucks were delivered in batch to Panzhihua, Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Erdos, Tangshan and other cities.

The offline Skywell mining dump truck has maximum sped of 50km/h and maximum gradeability of 35%. The truck is equipped with flexible structure and multiple gear transmission, which can adapt different severe road conditions. And the braking energy recovery function can effectively increase duration ability.


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