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SAIC Delivered 1,000 Units H300 Express Delivery Vehicles

Date:2021-09-10 Author:Grace

September 10, 2021, Shanghai, China, Lately, SAIC Light-duty Truck delivered 1,000 units H300 express delivery vehicles again.

SAIC light-duty truck adopts SAIC V power engine + Marelli AMT, which has strong power, high fuel economy and high reliability. After experiencing more than 20,000h bench test and 1 million kilometers road test, SAIC V power engine combines strong power, high reliability and high fuel economy. Rated power increases by 5% and maximum torque increases by 14%, which can ensure smooth operation.

SAIC light-duty truck plays an important part in delivering and assists express business to develop with light weight design, comfortability and efficiency.


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