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Forland Linghang S1 Small Truck Launched in Tianjin

Date:2021-09-14 Author:Alice

September 14, 2021, Tianjin, China, On September 12, Forland Linghang S1 small truck launch conference and Tianjin Hengyun’s new image store opening ceremony was held in Tianjin.

The Forland Linghang S1 small truck released this time introduces brand-new power to lead in national VI period through diversified power choices and super power chain platform. In addition, Forland Linghang S1 small truck is the first to launch 5-year or 300,000km ultra-long quality guarantee in the industry. 5G services provide customers with a worry-free experience of "more efficient, more professional, smarter, more value-added, and heart-warming".

After 6 generations of product changes, Forland has accumulated a sales volume of more than 5.6 million in 25 years, and has ranked top in China's light-duty truck sales for many years.

At the end of the event, Linghang Truck signed a strategic cooperation agreement with its partners, which showed customers’ high recognition for Linghang trucks’ performance and brand strength.


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