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IVECO Ousheng Chassis Delivered to Ouyeel Industrial Products Platform

Date:2021-09-16 Author:Rosy

September 16, 2021, Nanjing, China, Lately, NAVECO and Ouyeel Industrial Products Platform under China Baowu Steel Group Cooperation Limited reached a strategic partnership to complete the delivery of the first batch of IVECO Ousheng 2021 professional chassis.

The total mass of Iveco Ousheng 2021 professional chassis delivered this time is 6 tons and the strong carrying capacity can improve transportation efficiency. The new suspension system design and ADAS intelligent driver assistance early warning system can add more protection to the operation in the chaotic environment, which is deeply trusted by users.

In addition, the surging power brought by F1C engine and the smooth shifting of 8-speed automatic manual transmission are the unique advantages of the chassis. The strong strength can easily meet the needs of users in all-round scenarios!

The strength of IVECO's 2021 professional chassis can fully meet the diversified needs of vehicles in industries including logistics, medical, public security, railway, telecommunications, food, etc., and provide users with a higher-quality and safe travel experience.


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