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IVECO Delivered First Batch of Engineering Vehicles to Urumqi

Date:2021-09-17 Author:Rosy

September 17, 2021, Nanjing, China, Lately, NACEVO delivered the first batch of New Deyi engineering vehicles to Urumqi Huangpu Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd., which will promote the company’s industrial layout effectively.

After experiencing spot tests under different road conditions, IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicles were improved in performance and can bring safer, more reliable, more intelligent and more environmentally friendly experience to customers.

IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicles adopt separate frame construction and have higher bearing capacity. The suspension system can guarantee chassis stability under high speed.

In addition, IVECO New Deyi engineering vehicle is equipped with latest ABS+EBD four-wheel disc brake, which can reduce braking length, increase braking efficiency by 27% and ensure users’ safety in emergency brake.

NAVECO will still give priority to customers and provide customers with more high-quality products according to actual application scenarios.


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