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CAMC Exported First Batch of Valin Heavy-duty Trucks to Brazil

Date:2022-01-04 Author:Rosy

January 4, 2022, Brazil, On December 30, 2021, CAMC held a delivery ceremony for first batch of Valin heavy-duty trucks to Brazil, which included charging tractor, electric tractor, charging dump truck chassis and electric dump truck chassis, etc. This is the first time for CAMC to export new energy vehicles to overseas market and also for China to export electric heavy-duty trucks to Brazil.

Valin electric heavy-duty trucks earned market recognition thanks to high quality, high safety and excellent performance such as the mature core technology, high power motor and large capacity battery, long lifespan, long durability and lower power consumption.

Exporting vehicles to overseas market as early as 2005, CAMA is the first batch of “national complete vehicle export base enterprise”. Viewing the export of Valin electric heavy-duty trucks as an opportunity, CAMA will further expand overseas market and promote China high-end heavy-duty trucks to move towards the world.


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