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XCMG Makes Comprehensive Layout in New Energy in 2022

Date:2022-01-05 Author:Grace

January 5, 2022, Xuzhou, China, On December 30, 2021, XCMG New Energy 2022 Partner Conference and New Product Launch Conference was held in Xuzhou. Witnessed by many leaders and guests, XCMG Hanfeng E-platform product, e-blue pure electric tractor was officially released!

In 2021, XCMG New Energy has signed orders for 1,900 units, delivered 1,200 units, earned 780 million yuan in revenue, and had a market share of 11.6%. Among the three export countries, nearly 30 orders were signed.

Since the Xuzhou base was completed and put into production in 2015, more than 50 new energy logistics equipment products were developed and launched, which own more than 100 invention patents and core technologies. Its fields cover highway logistics, urban construction, municipal sanitation, and mining.

The strategic goal of XCMG New Energy in 2022 is to sell 5,000 units in the market, earn 3 billion in sales revenue, take 15% of the market share, and make over 100 million in overseas revenue to maintain the first echelon position in the industry! 


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