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Dongfeng Cummins Leads Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Market

Date:2022-01-07 Author:Grace

January 7, 2022, Hubei, China, From January to November 2021, Dongfeng Cummins sold 42,300 units national VI heavy-duty diesel engines, continuing to lead the industry with a market share of 19.1%.

In product, Dongfeng Cummins national VI engines covers 4-15L displacement and 150-680hp power, which has higher intelligence, higher efficiency, higher fuel economy and higher reliability.

In terms of service, Dongfeng Cummins is one of the first to make layout in national VI engine upgrade. As early as August 2019, Dongfeng Cummins made layout of the first DPF dust cleaning equipment in Beijing and developed digital service and standard maintenance. Dongfeng Cummins first established complete national VI service system, which largely improved users’ experience. 


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