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Yuchai Makes Delivery around China at the New Year

Date:2022-01-07 Author:Nancy

January 7, 2022, Guangxi, China, Recently, Yuchai continued to deliver traditional and new energy power around China.

In Guizhou, a batch of Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 heavy-duty tractors were all equipped with Yuchai YCK13 national VI engines, which gained customers’ trust.

In Macao, the first batch of 200 units new energy buses equipped with Yuchai extended-range power system were delivered to Macao Bus Co., Ltd. to bring local residents green environment.

In Beijing, Liugong 825H loaders equipped with Yuchai non-road national IV YCA05 engines were delivered to users successfully.

In Henan, Tongli TLD125 mining trucks equipped with Yuchai YCK16 entered Luoyang mineral area, which received high praise from users.

In Tibet, XCMG mining trucks equipped with Yuchai YCK13 engine entered mineral area in plateau to operate.


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