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Weichai Launched Globally First Thermal Efficiency 51.09% Diesel Engine

Date:2022-01-10 Author:Nancy

January 10, 2022, Shandong, China, On January 8, Weichai Power globally first thermal efficiency 51.09% diesel engine launch and national fuel cell technology innovation center conference was held in Ji’nan, Shandong.

Weichai Power diesel engine thermal efficiency reached 51.09% for the first time in the world, which rewrote the record and furthered improved China’s level in internal combustion engine industry.

During the activity, multi-scenario demonstration application achievements were showed, including hydrogen energy park, port and expressway, and the delivery ceremony of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Shandong Port first batch of hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks was held. The first batch of Sinotruk hydrogen fuel heavy-duty tractors equipped with Weichai high-power hydrogen cell system has strong power, high safety and reliability, high efficiency and attendance, which is another masterpiece of Weichai in hydrogen energy industry.


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