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SAIC Hongyan Delivered 65 Units Intelligent Muck Trucks

Date:2022-01-11 Author:Grace

January 11, 2022, Shanghai, China, On January 7, SAIC Hongyan and Huangpu City Development Group strategic cooperation partner signing and first batch of 65 units muck trucks delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai.

The delivered Hongyan Genhoo H6 dump truck is SAIC Hongyan’s latest intelligent product. Aimed at different demands, the truck can be equipped with SAIC Power, Cursor and other national VI engines. It has stronger power and can meet operation demands for construction garbage transportation.

It is believed that Hongyan Genhoo H6 dump truck can better assist enterprises in normalization and intelligentization management and achieve the goal of “bluer sky, greener water and safer city”.


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