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FAST Golden Combination “Zhixing+Hydraulic Retarder” Earns Users’ Trust

Date:2022-01-12 Author:Grace

January 12, 2022, Shaanxi, China, Lately, high-end tractors equipped with FAST golden combination “Zhixing + hydraulic retarder” were delivered in Yunnan and other provinces. FAST Zhixing AMT and hydraulic retarder has been customers’ first choice relying on high efficiency, high fuel economy, high comfort and high reliability.

FAST Zhixing is the only integrated AMT that is self-developed and launched on market in batches in China. It can be customized aimed at different market segments users. Since launched on market, FAST Zhixing has earned wide popularity and become the pride of national key component field.

In terms of technology, FAST AMT is totally self developed, which has shorter match period and higher flexibility;

In terms of service, FAST provides customers with integrated AMT nursery service relying on 35 service centers and over 3,000 stations around China.


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