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FAST AT Assists Safe and Efficient Operation in Mining Areas

Date:2022-05-11 Author:Grace

May 11, 2022, Xinjiang, China, Lately, the first batch of wide-body mining trucks equipped with FAST FC7A260 successfully rolled off the production line and have been delivered to customers. This batch of vehicles will be mainly used for mining and transportation in Xinjiang mining areas.
FC7A260 is a high-torque 7-speed hydraulic automatic transmission newly developed by FAST, which breaks the long-term monopoly of foreign brands on the market and provides more cost-effective options for domestic and foreign customers.

The maximum input torque of FC7A260 transmission can reach 2600Nm, which has super climbing and starting ability, and can integrate retarder and power take-off according to customer needs. The transmission adopts an integrated control module, an external filter element, and a unique rear power take-off interface, which can be customized to develop a variety of control strategies. At the same time, it has the advantages of high reliability, convenient maintenance and good fuel-saving adaptability.

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