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RJST Ultra-light Stainless Steel Tank Truck Creates More Values for Customers

Date:2022-05-13 Author:Eric

The full European structure load bearing is more suitable for domestic composite road conditions, the force of the tank is more uniform, and the maximum stress is reduced by 30%.

With the application of topology technology and lightweight design, the weight of the whole vehicle is the lightest in the industry, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 13%

The application of a new generation of high-strength stainless steel sheets improves mechanical properties by 25%

The whole vehicle has achieved more than 90% automatic welding, and the world's first use of robots to weld the anti-wave board in the tank has broken through the bottleneck of the industry, and the overall welding efficiency has increased by 80%

The tank body and frame are fully powder sprayed, and the weather resistance, corrosion resistance and coating hardness are improved compared with ordinary paint

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