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Jiefang Liuzhou Plant Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Put into Operation

Date:2022-05-20 Author:Alice

May 20, 2022, Liuzhou, China, The distributed photovoltaic power generation project of FAW Jiefang Qingdao Vehicle Division Liuzhou Plant was officially put into operation!

In this project, the photovoltaic system is planned and installed in advance, and the photovoltaic part of the project is implemented simultaneously in the plant construction stage, so as to minimize the impact of the photovoltaic construction process on the planned production of the plant.​​

The distributed photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic carport were installed on the roof and parking shed of FAW Jiefang Liuzhou Plant. With an installed capacity of 9.4MW, it can achieve the spontaneous self use rate of 95% and off-grid that provide a comprehensive green energy solution for the Liuzhou plant. During the operation period of the next 25 years, it is estimated that the total power generation will be about 212.299 million kWh and the average annual power generation will be 8.49 million kWh. It has significant economic and social benefits with the standard coal consumption reduced by 84,900 tons, the sulfide emission reduced by about 6,369 tons, the nitrogen emission reduced by about 3,185 tons, and carbide emissions reduced by 211,700 tons.

FAW Jiefang comprehensively promotes green manufacturing, integrates high environmental protection standards into the whole chain of green management, and realizes the harmonious development of the enterprise and the environment. In the future, FAW Jiefang will continue to strengthen the new advantages of green and intelligent development, promote the transformation process of the new energy commercial vehicle industry in China and even in the world, and help build a low-carbon transportation system.

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