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FAST New Energy Products Become Users' First Choice

Date:2022-05-23 Author:Grace

May 23, 2022. Xi’an, China, Recently, batches of large-tonnage hybrid power wide-body mining vehicles equipped with FAST 4E300 new energy electric drive products have been put on the market one after another.

◆FAST transmission designs three intermediate shafts and sliding sleeve structure internally and adopts full helical gear grinding process. With forced lubrication, the transmission has less overall weight, high reliability, low noise and high efficiency;

◆The service life of the unique pneumatic shift actuator can reach 30 million times, and the advanced control strategy ensures smoother system shifts, faster shifting speed and lower cost;

◆The energy management algorithm developed by FAST for many years can automatically adjust the energy recovery intensity according to different working conditions and reasonably manage the energy consumption of accessories, so as to achieve efficient economic and energy saving effect.

At present, mining trucks matching FAST new energy electric drive products have been operated in many places across the country, and can adapt to complex and harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high cold and high altitude.

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