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Zhongtong Road Cleaning Sweeper

Zhongtong Road Cleaning Sweeper
Zhongtong Road Cleaning Sweeper
Intelligent design, reasonable structure

A "four-disc set of brushes - rear nozzle" symmetrical arrangement of the structure, easy to clean roads along both sides of the road.

Technologically advanced, safe and reliable

A key to intelligent design. You can choose according to how many "standard" road waste pollution, "strong sweep" double shift. To protect the safety of the car with the back door open when parking and dump functions, traveling and did not lock braking action.

Multidimensional integrated motion technology. Front plate with a single sweep cylinder control up, down, overhanging recovered "one dimensional motion technology" and the pendulum structure, floating collision avoidance technology to prevent collisions occur when cleaning device operations.

Using lightweight technology. Tank using plastic, durable, green. Water tank light heavy weight.

Maintenance convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly

Water curtain dust removal method using water, water buck, save water, dust longer operating time.

Beam-type injection molding using sweeping brush, wear brushing powerful replacement fast. Hydraulic lines neat, beautiful, easy to maintain.

Pneumatic conveying system uses exhaust under way, little secondary pollution.

Pressure nozzle device is flipped floating, large particles of garbage for recycling has a good effect.


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