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Kai Le 5.61M refrigerated truck (AKL5041XLCQL)

Kai Le 5.61M refrigerated truck (AKL5041XLCQL)
Kai Le 5.61M refrigerated truck (AKL5041XLCQL)
Basic Information
Usage Refrigerated Van
Fuel Type Diesel
Emission Standard GB17691-2018国Ⅵ
Length 5610,5360mm
Width 2310,2280,2110,2030mm
Height 3230,2930,2830,2780mm
Curb Weight 3210kg
Gross Weight 4495kg
Max Speed 105km/h
Chassis Model QL1043BUFAY
Front/Rear Overhang 1110/1485,1110/1735,1120/1445,1120/1695mm
Number of Leaf Springs 8/6+5,3/3+2
Number of Axles 2
Wheelbase 2795,2765mm
Axle Load 2247.5kg
Front Wheel Track 1690,1640,1685mm
Rear Wheel Track 1655,1525mm
Approaching/Departuring Angle 19/12,19/10,22/12,22/10°
Number of Tires 6
Tire 7.00R16LT 8PR
Model Brand Power Displacement
4KH1CN6LB 五十铃(中国)发动机有限公司 88kW 2999ml

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