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China Heavy-duty Truck Sales Volume Reached 80,000 Units in December

Statistics show that China sold 80,000 units heavy-duty trucks in December, 2018, up by 21% year on year and down by 10% when compared with the sales volume in November in 2018.

In December, the top five players in the heavy-duty truck market all witnessed some upward movements. Dongfeng surpassed FAW and ranked the first place with a monthly sales volume of 21,000 units; CNHTC, Shaanqi Group and FAW, with their monthly sales volume reaching 14,000 units, 13,000 units, and 10,200 units respectively, ranked the second, third and fourth place in the market. BAIC Foton came the fifth position with a monthly sales of 8,000 units. Among the five players, FAW Jiefang and Dongfeng recorded the fastest monthly growing momentum with their growth rate reaching 134% and 32% respectively.

Following the top five players, SAIC Hongyan sold 3,800 units trucks, up by 85% year on year; XCMG sold 1,600 units trucks, up by 79% year on year.

From January to December in 2018, SAIC Hongyan recorded a total sales of 58,000 units, up by 45% year on year. Also worth mentioning is that the company’s self-dumping trucks registered the highest monthly sales volume and annual sales volume, becoming the major contributor to the company’s business for the whole year. In addition, SAIC Hongyan move upward in the truck market.


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