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Truck Exports Hit Record High in First Quarter Ⅱ

Harbin Hafei Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Over 35,000 Hafei mini vehicle were exported till end of December in 2010, ranking the first in China auto industry. 6,487 Hafei wagons were exported in the first season, which amounted to 48.12% of sales of vehicles, much higher than the average ratio in China auto industry.
With the booming export department, the added values for their export products are increasing, and their products are gradually exported to some developed countries. Hafei Auto have both complete vehicles and CKD model in their export department.
Hafei Auto carried out integrated measures to tackle pricing pressure, tough competitiveness of like products and trade protectionism etc. since 2011, and they explore North Africa, South America and Southeast Asia etc. markets, and they also strengthened communications with customers from Syria, Brazil, Chile, Algeria and Vietnam etc countries and solve the higher export homologations in Brazil and Turkey.
Hafei Auto is also trying new ways for exporting vehicles. They are trying to establish assemble plants with some local companies, and increase incomes by SKD and CKD. Nearly 3,000 parts and components have been exported to Vietnam last year. And their cooperation with Iranian KERMAN Group technology transfer agreements have also been carries out smoothly.
Usually China auto products have to pass strict homologations before entering developed and mature markets, and Hafei Auto has passed certifications in the U.S., and many European countries. In addition, Hafei Auto paid much attention on brand development, and they have registered brands and trademarks in a dozens of countries including America and Russia.

Great Wall Motors
It has been fourteen years since the first Great Wall vehicle exported, and their interventional strategy can be summarized as "steady". Till now, Great Wall vehicles have beene exported to more than 100 countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
55,000 Great Wall vehicles were exported last year with sales revenues amounting to three billion Yuan. 5,349 light wagons were exported in the first season this year, taking 18.49% of all their sales volumes.
Great Wall Motors has been through four stages on exporting, namely, complete vehicle export, improvement on parts and after sales services, developing overseas markets strategically, and forging China-made vehicle brands.
Great Wall Motors made specific products targets in five years, and 21 of the standards will meet advanced international standards, and NCAP five-star standards have to been met on safety settings. Their energy-saving and emission standards will meet North America and European markets, stability and strength ness meet German vehicle standards, NVH, durability and exquisite workmanship meet Japanese vehicles.
Till 2015, Great Wall Motors vehicles will enter Japanese, Canada, and America markets, and they hope to be listed the top seller on economic SUV and pickups on sales around the world. And their production volumes will amount to two million units in 2015, 30% of them will be exported.
Apart from the top three auto makers, export volumes of Sinotruk, GAC Ji'ao, Beiqi, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Chery Auto, Dandong Huanghai, Beiben Trucks were booming in the first season. And sales Sinotruk were rather excellent, for all their products are heavy-duty vehicles and the added values are rather high, so their profits and ratio of net profits are the highest.

Sinotruk paid much attention on overseas markers development, and they have exported 51,000 vehicles from 2007 to 2010. Sinotruk sent employees in overseas department to take part in many exhibitions to conduct marketing jobs; HOWO-A7 was exported in large numbers; Sinotruk vehicles were purchased by more customers in broader areas. Sinotruk paid much attention on serving customers, and they secured big heavy trucks order for 1,500 units from African customer.


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