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Jiefang Sold Over 60,000 Units Medium- and Heavy-duty Trucks in April

Recent statistics show that FAW Jiefang sold 68,000 units whole vehicles in April, up by 106% against that in March. Its terminal sales volume of whole vehicles stood at 67,000 units in April, up by 26% against that in March.

Also in April, FAW Jiefang’s production volume of whole vehicles registered at 46,000 units, up by 13% against that in March.

From January to April, FAW Jiefang sold over 150,000 units medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Having upgraded its J7 truck, J6 flagship 2.0 truck, J6 quality 2.0 truck, JH6 truck, FAW Jiefang aims to further strengthen its marketing efforts in artery logistic sector and other key goods transportation markets.

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