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JAC Sold 185,025 Units Light Trucks from January to October

According to the latest statistics released by JAC, it sold 185,025 units light trucks from January to October this year, up by 15.6% year on year. The company’s three major light truck models, including Shuailing, Junling and Kangling, all realized two-digit growth rates. More specifically, Shuailing sold 36,400 units in the first 10 months this year, up by 25.3% year on year; In the same period, Junling’s sales volume reached 73,000 units, up by 20% year on year. In addition, 37,763 units JAC light trucks equipped with Ankang engines which were developed by JAC were sold, up by 28% year on year.

In October alone, the company’s sales volume of light trucks reached 20,157 units, up by 21.3% year on year.

In recent years, JAC has been actively involved in adjusting its product line. Currently, it boasts a wide spectrum of vehicle products, including medium trucks, light trucks, sedan trucks, pickups, engineering vehicles. In addition, Ankang B160, Ankang B200 and Ankang B220 engines have all made their debut and they are extremely competitive in terms of fuel economy and noise reduction.

Not long ago, Junling A8 officially made its debut. As one of JAC’s fist products, the new truck has made visible improvements in its driver’s cockpit, passenger areas, cargo areas, power performances, active & passive safety standards and intelligence level.

On October 25, JAC officially revealed its newly developed Hantu pickup to the public in Enshi, Hubei province. As JAC’s first pickup brand, Hantu is set to revolutionizing China’s pickup industry.


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