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Foton is speeding up the globalization process


(, August 16, 2010) Overall development status is great at the first half of 2010, and it has created a new high in the history. Sales volume of completely vehicle from January to June is 371,100, and it has increased 29.4% by same time.

Production and sales volume of heavy truck is 59,300, which has increased 85.8% by same time. Light truck is 289,000, which has increased 21.4% by same time.

Furthermore, Auman heavy truck is growing so fast and production and sales volume reaches 59,300, and it has increased 85.8% by same time. Monthly sales volume of Foton Auman heavy truck in March, April, and May has surpassed 10,000.

It is predicted that if the capacity is allowable, sales volume of heavy truck at the first half of 2010 will surpass 70,000. It is learned by reporter that Foton is establishing Auman heavy truck plant II in Beijing Huairou district, and the planned capacity is 80,000. Foton Auman heavy truck will make great contribution to Foton Auto, and bring more profits and sales.

At the same time, Foton Auman will raise again in China heavy truck industry.


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