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Youngman truck hits South West logistics market


(, Nov 23, 2010) The fifteen Youngman tractors are heading to Chengdu on Nov 16th, 2010. The fifteen delivered JNP4250FD19 are semi-trailer tractors, and the exterior size of the tractor is 7.245* 2.49* 3.77. It is the first domestic truck introducing European MAN heavy truck technology. The vehicle has owned V type distance rod and crosswise stable system which have been created in China. The national leading cross beam valve has high stability, strong climbing, an low default. It could bring double benefits with half of the strength.     

It is presented by the responsible people that the Youngman truck will be introduced to South West logistics market and will be applied permanently from now on. Youngman truck will help the Chengdu Container Transportation Company Limited to realize “brand image”, “ professional”, and “high efficient” location.



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