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Zoomlion Long-boom Pump Truck Delivered to Lhasa

Date:2013-10-28 It is learned that recently the most longest boom pump truck--Zoomlion CIFA 60M has just delivered officially in Lhasa.

Excellent performance of Zoomlion equipments are gaining widely praise of purchasing company and its staff--Lhasa Tianchuangyuan Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd, which means that Zoomlion long-boom pump truck can completely adapt to plateau severe environment.

Zoomlion 38m pump truck is the first pump truck in Lhasa, which was also purchased by Lhasa Tianchuangyuan company in 2008. Still in efficient operation, this pump truck creates tens of million Yuan profit. Fast manufacturing material, good stability and low maintenance and post operational cost together makes Zoomlion favored by customers. For now, Tianchuangyuan company purchases the longest boom pump truck in Lhasa, which would improve its own strength as well as serve as an approval of Zoomlion equipments in Lhasa.



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