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Sany Forges LNG Cement Mixer Trucks

Date:2014-05-06 Sany has accumulated many experiences in cement mixer trucks, and it took just a year for Sany Huqi Company to develop the first cement mixer truck. After testing the truck for many indicators, the researcher sent the truck to the client for further testing and record its mileage, fuel and natural gas consumption and failure information etc.

After six-month tracing and comparison, it proves that Sany LNG cement mixer truck can save 30-35% fuel per kilometers over like diesel mixer trucks and it can also save fees 10-15% less. 

Sany LNG cement mixer truck started to sell in early 2014 and the truck owns clear advantages over other products in China. The most mature LNG engine is chosen with high reliability and it can adopt high temperature, low temperature and high altitude.

LNG cement mixer truck gas cylinder store the natural gas in liquid form and it fuel the complete vehicle on running and operation. Sany cement mixer truck gas cylinder is the largest among like products in China. And it can supply the truck to run for 400 km after one charge, double the distance of like products.


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