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FULONGMA, Scania Launch 3rd-generation Compression Garbage Truck in Hong Kong

Date:2020-04-10 Source:FULONGMA

On January 9, 2020, the agent of FULONGMA in Hong Kong, Pro Machinery & Equipment Limited, held the new product recommendation meeting of the third generation of low-floor compression garbage trucks of FULONGMA at Scania Assembly and Maintenance Center in Hong Kong.

At this recommendation meeting exhibited two different tonnages of low-floor compression garbage trucks jointly designed and launched by FULONGMA and the world-renowned chassis manufacturer Scania Sweden. The trucks were designed according to the New Article 3 of Service Specifications of Compression Garbage Truck issued by Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

The new generation of low-floor garbage trucks has following characteristics:

● The cab can realize automatic lifting, which can effectively alleviate the driver's fatigue.

● Equipped with anti-rear-end system;

● The compression ratio is 3.5: 1, which can realize bilateral control;

● Equipped with weighing system

Nearly fifty industry representatives attended the recommendation meeting. The general manager of SCANIA Hong Kong, Mr. Zachrisson, technical manager, Mr. Felipe, and service operation director, Mr. Christofer, attached great importance to this new recommendation meeting. They exchanged in-depth discussions with our company's business representatives and technicians about the new trucks, and also expressed their expectation for more cooperation with our company in other regions of the world in the future.

The new product recommendation meeting would play a positive role in expanding FULONGMA's influence in Hong Kong and Macao and also increasing the local market share. Meanwhile, by communicating with the end users who came to the recommendation meeting, it was of great significance for FULONGMA to collect the first-hand market feedback, deepen the market and carry out the design and improvement of targeted product.


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