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Sany Join Hands with Deutz to Unveil the Truck Engine


The first batch of production-ready prototype vehicles equipped with D12, a new truck engine jointly developed by SANY and Deutz, successfully rolled off the assembly line, Mr. Liang Linhe, chairman of SANY Heavy Truck announced the news on May 18.

Tank-level power support

As the first fruit of the corporation between SANY and Deutz, D12 has technical support from Deutz, a time-honored German engine manufacturer whose reputation for quality is widely recognized in the military field. Its displacement reaches 12.12L while its engine power can reach 430HP and 460HP, which is more powerful than some home-made engines whose displacement stays at 11L. With the big displacement, D12 is superior to the majority of the engines in the domestic market.

Besides, the D12 engine can ensure large torque at a low speed. The output torque of D12 can reach 700N·m while its idle speed can keep down at 525rpm, 200rpm lower than other congeneric engines. At the same time, when starting or stopping the truck, the low idle speed effectively reduces the wear to the related components of the engine which could extend the service life.

Good-value fuel consumption

To realize the lower fuel consumption, the D12 engine adopts the latest 1800bar electronically controlled injection system and silicone oil fans, which not only strengthens the injection logic and sequence, and improve fuel atomization, but also has a better fuel efficiency performance (187g/kg.h). Through the adoption of this new technology, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 1.5L-3L lower than our competitors.

In terms of the engine's starting performance and noise reduction, D12 engine also shows an extraordinary performance. It can start to work in 2s at the altitude of 3000m with the temperature low at -20 ℃ without any power loss.

By adopting a split-type cylinder head, D12 can minimize the noise generated by the engine. With the patented TOP-Down cooling system, it can quickly reduce the temperature of the circulating fluid to improve engine efficiency.

Based on the trust in the quality of D12, SANY offers a five-year mileage-unlimited warranty. At present, the D12 engine has been widely used in SANY truck mixers, dumper trucks and truck-mounted pumps.


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