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Foton Delivers First 20 VIEW Vehicles to BEST EXPRESS in Malaysia


On 26 September, Foton announced that the first 20 VIEW vehicles had been delivered to BEST EXPRESS in Malaysia for offline delivery transport in Selangor and the rest 10 units to be delivered late this year.
As a global express delivery services company, BEST EXPRESS opened its Thai and Vietnamese branch in 2019 and its Malaysian branch on 2 July this year.

Earlier in May this year, 8 Foton logistics vehicles specially and exclusively designed for BEST EXPRESS were delivered in Vietnam to boost local logistics sector. Since BEST EXPRESS are quite content with the performance and the close ties with FOTON, they choose to purchase from FOTON again this time.

Furthermore, Foton uses innovation to grow its business in Malaysia. In partnership with LAZADA, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Foton provides a complete financial and after-sales solution for B2C offline “last mile delivery”. This move has relieved customers’ concerns about the purchasing and after-sales service.

Foton motor has been engaged in developing a wide range of products from artery logistics to branch logistics with a complete network and package solution. It is bringing about a new situation we have never seen before in global CV market after coronavirous.


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